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Internal Doors


Stripping and Neutralising (£35 per door) :

Items are dipped in a warm caustic solution then the residue is removed by pressured jet washers. Caustic paint removers typically sodium hydroxide (also known as caustic soda) works by breaking down the chemical bonds of the paint.
  • chemical stripping gives the best possible result, can be the most gentle on the wood
  • caustic stripping will remove most finishes, especially good on thick paint build up
-Extra Services:
Sanding (£65 per door, including: dipping, stripping, neutralising, cleaning and sanding) :

The items will be cleaned and sanded by hand for a smoother surface ready to apply the finish.

Waxing or Oiling (£85 per door, including: dipping, stripping, neutralising, cleaning, sanding and waxing or oiling):

After cleaning and sanding the item, a quality wax or oil is applied by hand to protect and bring out the natural, original colour of the wood

Total Internal Doors:

External Doors

External doors (£100 per door) :

We strip various other items such as: Tables, Chairs, Benches, Dressers, Sideboards, Bookcases, Firesurronds and so on. To enable us to quote an accurate price please send us a photo of your furniture on our email:

Collection & delivery service

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Terms & Conditions
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  • Failed collection or delivery of doors : Doors will be held on site for a maximum of 90 days before being sold to reclaim costs.
  • Water based products, acrylic and polyurethane products cannot be removed through the stripping process, but we offer hand strip service, for more information contact us
  • We cannot guarantee the removal of stains
  • Any glass left in doors or furniture is done so at customers own risk
  • Any door furniture is left on at customers own risk against loss or damage
  • Any tiles, brickwork or ornament details left of fireplaces are done so at your own risk, we do not take liability for loss or damage of these parts.

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